Colonial House Styles

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Between the 1600s and 1800s there were thousands of people migrating to North America from all over Europe. They came here to start fresh but brought with them the architectural styles of their homelands. There are still some authentic Colonial homes from this period that exist when looking at homes for sale in Stratford or Clarkson real estate. But most of those that you'll see in this style are simply based on this original design and were created much later. The American Colonial home is still quite popular with many homebuyers today.

There are several different building styles that fit under the category of Colonial designs thanks to the number of countries that these homes originated from. When you're looking at Etobicoke real estate you will see examples of Spanish, French, Dutch, German, and Georgian Colonial architecture. Colonial Revival homes became popular between the World Wars and came out of the Victorian style. You will recognize these properties in Stratford or Houses for Sale in Woodbridge based as those that look like the "All-American home." They are symmetrical in style and are usually two to three stories.

Some common features of the Colonial home is that they are made of brick or wood and generally have the living spaces all on the first floor and the bedrooms on the second. You might find a gable roof, columns or pillars, and double-hung windows with shutters. There are also several with the main foyer being large and at the centre of the home and some feature large fireplaces in one or more of the living spaces. These are some of the reasons that these homes are still popular from Vancouver to Scarborough real estate.

One of the most popular colonial designs still in existence is the Dutch Colonial home. Here you will find the home is made of wood siding and commonly includes a side entry. The Spanish Colonial has stucco walls and a ceramic tile roof. There are also many with rounded arches rather than the columns that you will find with French or English designs.

If you're looking for a true Colonial home than you should be willing to pay for the extra years of history. With that comes more maintenance responsibilities than you will get with a modern design but these were generally built more solidly than some homes from the last century. When you're looking at home plans to build your own property in Prince Edward Island real estate or here in Stratford than you will find many in this style. They are ideal for those that want lots of space in a classic style. There are also many opportunities to add modern conveniences without them sticking out in the overall design.

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