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Each city has its own unique set of characteristics of housing styles and options; condos and townhouses, handsome homes and flashy waterfront homes and it is no different when it comes to those quaint little Brampton townhouses. However, it all depends on which city you are looking at and what exactly you are looking for.

If you are seeking a city with history, one that reminds you of Mother England, and one that is closely associated to William Shakespeare, then you need to look no further than Stratford Ontario. The famous man was born in Stratford Upon Avon, England and the residents of Stratford Ontario are very aware of this. Stratford, within a stone's throw of London Ontario and not too far from the American border, is the envy of many an Edmonton real estate agent mainly because they are constantly admitting that so many of their clients are interested in moving from Edmonton to Stratford.

You need not worry about transportation if you move to Stratford; it is well on the route to other big cities in Ontario and if you are looking for a city where you can lay down some cottages home plans, then Stratford is the ideal place for you. Stratford is not just a place for the working person, it can also be a place for you to retire in comfort.

You may be tempted to take a long hard look at some of those homes for sale in London Ontario but before you make a decision, please consider the scenic city of Stratford. There is no doubt that Stratford has a very unique appeal to the potential buyer. With a small population and lots of history, this city is a clean, green, and safe city in which to live. If you are tired of big city life and looking for a small corner of Ontario to settle down in, then Stratford is it.

Many real estate agents are aware of what Stratford has to offer and if you were to talk to your friendly Newmarket Real Estate Agents you would be surprised to learn what they know. With more and more persons leaving the work force in favor of retirement, don't be surprised to see a developing trend towards moving to Stratford. There is nothing more refreshing and stimulating than being able to enjoy small city life without the stress of traffic and crowded malls.

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