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Often when people first think about moving out of their King West lofts which they rent and buying a place of their own, the mortgage is the only monthly payment they consider. Owning a house is much the same as renting, is the belief, except you're investing the money instead of giving it to someone else.

Well, the good news is that you are, indeed, contributing to your future monthly with those mortgage payments. The bad news, though, is that the mortgage payment is not the only monthly payment you have to worry about. There are a lot of recurring costs you will incur as a homeowner, and most of them will have to be included in your monthly budget. They are costs even the best Toronto real estate agent might not tell you about, just because you should have thought of them already.

Fortunately, these costs are nothing new to any homeowner, so we will help get you ready for them below.

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First of all are your utilities. People who rent Riverdale Toronto real estate, particularly apartments, usually have their utilities paid for them as part of their rent. Buying their own home can mean the costs of utilities come as a bit of a shock.

Included here are your water bills, your electrical bills, and your gas bills. Obviously, these costs will vary from one month to the next. People living on real estate in Toronto will find that they are paying ten times as much utilities in the winter months as in the summer. The days are shorter and colder, which means you need to use more heat and more light.

In order to make a good, solid budget, we recommend you go on an equal payment plan. That way, you pay the same amount every month (it should be around $140 for gas and $40 for electric if you are an average consumer) instead of having your bills go up and down all year. Just look out for the reconciliation at year's end!

Other fees owners of real estate need to look out for are property taxes and insurance. Both of these aren't due every month, but making them a part of your monthly payments can mean saving a lot of headaches when they are due. Find out what each amount is, divide that by twelve, and set that money aside each month so you can pay it out at the end of the year. Remember that in some cases, your property taxes will be included in your mortgage (but this is not recommended, as you end up paying interest).

So, before you go out looking for houses for sale in Windsor or Stratford homes for sale, remember that your mortgage payment will not be your only monthly cost. Budget accordingly and you should be just fine.

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