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Not everyone makes enough to be able to afford to buy Rosehill condos. In fact, some people can't even afford the rent on an apartment. It's not that they don't work hard, but that their employers just don't pay them enough to make ends meet. Some can get different jobs, others, for reasons of experience, qualifications, or citizenship, are stuck. Southern Ontario is an expensive place to live. What if you move to Stratford, Ontario only to find you can't afford to support yourself? You can turn to public housing.

Public housing is something that was devised many years ago as a part of the welfare state, or a type of government where all citizens are looked after. Free health care is another aspect of a welfare state. In public housing, the city helps you find a place to live, not Real Estate Agents in Milton. They reserve certain blocks of living space for people who need assistance paying for their rent and offer these apartments at a discounted rate to those who qualify.

Not everyone will qualify to live in public housing, so if you think you can put up your Markham house for sale and move into public housing to save a few bucks think again. Public housing is only for people who are making significantly less than the average per capita income for the city. In Stratford, the median income is higher than in the rest of the country: more than $28,0000 per year. If you're making a less than this and are having trouble paying rent, talk to the city to see if you qualify for public housing.

Other types of people who qualify to live in public housing include people with disabilities and seniors who are on a fixed income and are therefore having trouble meeting their expenses. Not many Guelph Homes for Sale come with wheelchair ramps, and they're expensive to install. So Stratford has made sure some of its public housing units are equipped for handicapped people. They're usually located on the ground floor and have wide entryways, strategically placed grab bars, and no stairs.

Public housing is created when the city buys property from a Brampton mortgage broker or else builds it new. Properties are overseen by the city but usually looked after by a superintendent. There are 27 public housing buildings in the county, 13 of which are located right in Stratford. Emphasis is on one bedroom apartments but there are also two, three, and four bedroom apartments as well as several semi-detached houses and town houses.
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