Real Estate Guide - From Stratford to Bay Street, look at all of your dream condos

Real Estate Guide - From Stratford to Bay Street, look at all of your dream condos

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There are a lot of reasons to look at Stratford homes for sale here in Ontario. A small community of just over 30,000 people, Stratford offers a break from the bustling metropolises that define much of southern Ontario. People used to crowded conditions in Ottawa MLS listings will likely find what's available in Stratford to be spacious and family friendly, let's take a closer look at what else you can expect on the Stratford market.

Because our town is smaller than most, you won't find the range of options as far as housing stock available in the big city. There is nothing to match St. Lawrence Market condos in downtown Stratford, a traditional sleepy area. You will find apartment buildings and condo complexes, but they don't tower against the skyline the way they do in Burlington, Mississauga, and elsewhere.

Still, that is part of Stratford's overall appeal. Fewer housing styles means less people, and that means it's easier to get to work, to contact your neighbours, and to get around in general. It's a far cry from the busy streets and crazy markets which define Etobicoke real estate and the other areas of Toronto.

Another aspect of Stratford real estate that most people are relieved to find are the comparative prices here in Stratford. We're close enough to the big markets to have higher prices than you might find further south where the economies aren't as strong. Still, you will find the average house price below the cost of similar style in London real estate and other nearby cities.

For that reason, many people who live in Stratford chose the town because it's easy to commute, while owning a house at less cost than other southern Ontario cities. In fact, most of the houses here are priced well within the Canadian average, with a 3 bedroom 2 bath two storey home selling anywhere from $290,000-$360,000.

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Those prices are dependent on year and location, of course, but when you consider that a loft Toronto buyers purchase is likely going to be in the upper reaches of that limit, you begin to get an idea of the value of a home in Stratford.

Another thing that definitely counts in favour of the Stratford market is the amount of truly nice real estate on the market. In so many cities, houses with good sized yards are truly luxuries of the past. They are simply too expensive in city limits, and even upper middle class members can forget about waterfront real estate.

Here, though, the family plot fronting the river is still very much an affordable option. The Avon River is scenic, and makes a nice backdrop to a home at all times of the year. Children can play in well groomed yards, without their parents having to forfeit the tuition money!

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