Top Seven - Find London, Lake Scugog, Etobicoke, Toronto, Stratford and Guelph Homes in Your Top Seven Homes!

Top Seven - Find London, Lake Scugog, Etobicoke, Toronto, Stratford and Guelph Homes in Your Top Seven Homes!

When you're looking to sell your London, Ontario real estate and move to a new town or city, there has to be something particularly attractive about the new town or city that would entice you to move there. Often the attraction factor is jobs or things to do or the crime rate. But some people look for rankings. Many magazines, organizations, and statistic collecting companies release yearly statistics that rank cities and towns against each other in categories like livability or business vitality. Stratford, Ontario has been rated one of the most intelligent communities.

Stratford falls at number six on the list of the top seven intelligent communities of 2011. The awards are designed to recognize communities that manage to balance economic development technology, the ability to steer social change, and the desire to preserve history and culture as opposed to cities that are focused solely on advancement and creating more Lake Scugog homes and shopping malls out of once valuable forests. The top seven list is the precursor to the selection of the overall most intelligent community.

Cities had to nominate themselves for consideration in the smart community awards, so the list is necessarily limited to cities and towns whose mayors knew the competition existed and wished to submit a nomination. The final rankings, however, aren't selected by votes from people in their homes in Etobicoke. They're selected by a panel of judges who are unaffiliated with the Intelligent Communities Forum and are academic experts in a relevant field of study.

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If you're wondering what this Intelligent Community Forum is, it classifies itself as a think tank, which means it consists almost entirely of academics who ponder issues and posit plans and solutions for the future. The group is open to considering not only developed communities with lots of townhomes in Toronto but also communities in developing nations as well. Each year they name a community leader as their Visionary of the Year. Past winners have included mayors, company chairmen, and ministers.

Though many cities, such as Vancouver, consider themselves smart, not all of them made the top seven list. No Guelph real estate is represented on it. Instead, Stratford's fellow honorees include Chattanooga, Tennessee; Dublin, Ohio; Eindhoven, Netherlands; Issy-les-Moulineaux, France; Riverside, California; and Windsor-Essex, Ontario. Most of these communities have been on previous lists. Past winners have included Suwon, South Korea; Stockholm, Sweden; Glasgow, Scotland; and Mitaka, Japan.

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